I'm a Computer Science major at UC San Diego who is currently seeking full-time employment at a company that will foster my passion for programming and allow me to work with and learn from other programmers who take pride in their work! I will be graduating March of 2017.

I am currently in the 5-year accelerated CSE B.S./M.S. program at UCSD and am refining my skills as a TA in the UCSD CSE department. I am very self-motivated and constantly seeking ways to contribute and add value to my interests.

Thanks for visiting my personal website! Please note that it is under construction and not the most up-to-date. Check out my LinkedIn instead!

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Jan 2013 to Present

Teaching Assistant
Sixth College Student Council


June 2013 to Sept 2013

Jr. Systems Engineer


June 2014 to Oct 2014

Software Engineer Intern


June 2015 to Sept 2015

Software Engineer Intern


June 2016 to Sept 2016

Software Engineer Intern


Sept 2016 to Dec 2016

Android Software Engineer Intern

Contact Me

You can also reach me at angie [at] cs.ucsd [dot] me